New SchoolMessenger App

October 31, 2018

Dear Parents,

In an effort to get information out as soon as possible, we are attempting to centralize all our mass parent/community communication on a platform we deployed at the start of the school year: “SchoolMessenger”.  This communication platform allows us to quickly communicate via phone, email, text, and social media.  We will use this to broadcast information including:

  • Emergency alerts
  • School Closures
  • School Events
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences

This product will eventually replace other district communication platforms such as “Flash Alert”.

Phone and emails will go out automatically based on information you have provided during student registration.  Text messaging will only go out to those who have “opted-in”.

What we need from you:

  1. Please verify with your child’s school office that your contact information is accurate.
  2. Please consider “opting-in” to receive text message alerts.  Directions for “opting-in” are attached here: Text Messaging Opt-in Directions
  3. A SchoolMessenger web/mobile app is available as well.


Bo Yates,

Lebanon School District Superintendent