Food Drive

November 6, 2018

November 13th – 16th will be the annual food drive. For each item brought in, the class will get a point, but each day of the week there will be special items that will be worth 2 points. All of the food will be donated to the Lebanon Backpack Program. Along with food this year, we will also be collecting items for the pantry at the District Office that helps families in need. Please do not send expired items, unlabeled items or items not on the list. Those items will not be counted towards the class points.

Tuesday – Tuna & Deodorant

Wednesday – Macaroni & Cheese & Bar Soap

Thursday – Soup (Ramen noodles, cans of soup, ravioli, chili) & Dish Soap

Friday – Double points for any item brought in.


The backpack program would like any of these items:

Individual packets of oatmeal              Individual applesauce/fruit

Individual Juice                                       Macaroni & Cheese

Ramen Noodles                                        Granola Bars

Fruit Snacks                                              Individually packaged nuts

Packages of Tortillas                                Peanut Butter

Tuna                                                            Soup (also includes ravioli, chili, etc.)


The pantry would like any of these items:

Underwear                                                       Bar Soap

Socks                                                                 Body Wash

Laundry Soap                                                  Deodorant

Dish Soap                                                         Shampoo


The class with the most points will win cookies and hot chocolate for their class!