Ophelia’s Place

December 17, 2018
Register today for the exciting fall events and returning programs offered to girls at Ophelia’s Place!

Winter 2018 Calendar of Events

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What I Wish I Learned in Health Class
Tuesdays, Jan. 29-March 19
4:30-5:45 p.m.
$10-$20 sliding scale
Girls ages 14-18 (13 with parental permission)
Registration required by Jan. 28.

Have you ever started to talk about something and thought, “Wait, I should probably know more about this?” Follow up question: does the majestic wonderland of hormones that is your body confuse the heck out of you? If you answered yes to one or both of the above, this is the class for you! OP is a great place to ask all the weird/embarrassing/awkward-as-heck questions you never got a chance to ask! Not to mention we have chocolate. So get over here, hang out with us, and learn about you. No previous health classes required! Facilitated by OP staff and volunteers.

G-Tec: The Breakdown
Thursdays, Feb. 7-March 14
4:30-5:45 p.m.
$10-$20 sliding scale
Girls ages 10-18
Registration required by Feb. 6.

This is it ladies! Your chance to get the breakdown on exactly how to work with computers, coding, web design, and more! Over the weeks we will be working through the Fidgets 2 Widgets Badges platform, hosted by the one of the founders of F2W, Pam Simon. Each week we will dive into a different topic, and earn badges to mark our progress to becoming tech experts! So come on over and get your hands on some sweet tech! No previous experience required.

Feel Good Closet
Monday Feb. 18 (no-school)
Noon-2:30 p.m.
FREE | No registration required.
Girls ages 10-18

Come to OP to pick out some new clothes and shoes and get a little “boost” during the gloomy winter months! We will have many sizes available! Join us for a fun, positive, and supportive event!

Winter Parent-Daughter Event
Welcome to Hogwarts
Saturday, March 9
5-7 p.m.
$10-$20 sliding scale
Girls ages 10-18 (plus an adult of their choice)
Registration required by March 1.

Calling all Potter-heads! Pack your trunks and grab your brooms, because we are going to Hogwarts! During the welcoming feast, everyone will get a chance to be sorted by the sorting hat, greet the OP professors, and who knows… maybe there’s a troll in the dungeon! Wizard wear is encouraged, but please leave your owls at home. If you would like to receive your letter, you must provide us with an up-to-date mailing address, or pick your letter up at OP.

Check out the complete schedule
of activities and programs!

Register now! (541) 284-4333 or info@opheliasplace.net