Lacomb School complies with the provisions of the Compulsory Attendance Laws. At Lacomb there are two issues to address:

  • Excused and unexcused absences and/or tardies according to the law and / or school policy.
  • Achievement according to classroom requirements.

Besides losing time from learning because of an absence or tardy, research has shown that many who were allowed to attend school irregularly often develop the same practices in work and elsewhere in life. Children who enter a classroom after being tardy or absent tend to feel disconnected and a bit lost. Regular attendance not only helps children maintain consistent learning patterns in school, it helps children train for good habits of work and life.

Lacomb School will consider eight (8) absences in a twenty-day period (excused or not) as excessive and irregular. If a child continues to show irregular attendance, then the Linn-Benton Attendance Officer will be notified, which may result in legal proceedings being implemented as suggested by Oregon Law. An absence is considered any AM or PM half day missed.

To help parents avoid being fined and to encourage students regular attendance, we will send home a letter of concern after four (4) absences for any two-week period. If the absences continue, a second letter may be sent home. In cases where health related issues are a contributing factor to absences, a doctor’s note may be required regarding those absences.

An absence may be “excused” if caused by the pupil’s sickness, the sickness of some member of the pupil’s family, an emergency, or is outlined as a part of a child’s Individual Education Plan (IEP). Other rationale for absences will not be excused. Family vacations will not be considered excused absences.

At Lacomb, we will call parents if a child is reported absent that day, unless we receive a call or note from home first. Within 24 hours after returning from an absence, a note will need to be presented to the School Office that is signed by a parent/guardian stating why that child was absent. Notes to excuse should state the day(s) involved, and the reason for the absence.


Being on time to class means being in your seat when the bell rings and being prepared with all necessary materials. Only your own parents/guardians can excuse you from being marked tardy if you arrive late in the morning or return late from lunch. If you are a student with chronic tardy issues, you may have to make up the time lost at your recesses or on Wednesday after school.

Use these guidelines to stay tardy-free:

  • Get to school on time;
  • Go directly to class. (Do not stop to chat.);
  • Walk quickly but do not run;
  • If you need to use the restroom or do something that will make you late (including getting breakfast), get a pass first. You will be allowed to get breakfast if you are late, but please check in with your teacher first; and
  • Be ready to go in from recess when the bell rings.