Student attendance is an important issue for schools and is regulated by Oregon Law and School Board Policy. We expect our students to attend school (and be on time) every day that school is in session, unless excused by the administration of  the school.

Oregon Law (ORS 339.065) defines regular attendance as “not including more than eight unexcused half-day absences or the equivalent (4 whole days) in any four week period that school is in session”. If your child has irregular attendance the school will notify you by letter.  If he/she continues to show irregular attendance the Linn-Benton Attendance Officer will be notified, which may result in legal proceedings being implemented.  We may also refer a student who has had excessive excused absences.

Besides losing time from learning because of an absence or tardy, research has shown that many who were allowed to attend school irregularly often develop the same practices in work and elsewhere in life. Children who enter a classroom after being tardy or absent tend to feel disconnected and a bit lost. Regular attendance not only helps children maintain consistent learning patterns in school, it helps children train for good habits of work and life.

Absences may be excused on a case-by-case basis for the following reasons: medical appointment/procedure, illness (requires a doctor note if absent after three consecutive days or chronic attendance concern), death in the family, family emergency, or lice (two days).

We require: a phone call, email or note from a parent/guardian informing us of the date of the absence and the reason for the absence within 48 hours (two days) of the student returning to school. Your assistance is an important ingredient in home/school communication.

Pre-Arranged Absences

Please note that vacations and trips out of town may not be excused. Students and families must make prior arrangements. Criteria for pre-arranged absences include the following:

  1. History of regular attendance (90% or more).
  2. Up to three days unless authorized by administrator.
  3. All trips are to be arranged one week in advance.
  4. Request all work for the time student will be gone.
  5. After teacher and parent have signed, please return form to the office for approval.
  6. 1st day back, student turns in work to teacher. Teacher reviews and informs administrator of completion.

Please see the front office for a copy of the Pre-Arranged Absence Form.


Being on time to class means being in your seat when the bell rings and being prepared with all necessary materials. Only your own parents/guardians can excuse you from being marked tardy if you arrive late in the morning or return late from lunch. If you are a student with chronic tardy issues, you may have to make up the time lost at your recesses or on Wednesday after school.

Use these guidelines to stay tardy-free:

  • Get to school on time;
  • Go directly to class. (Do not stop to chat.);
  • Walk quickly but do not run;
  • If you need to use the restroom or do something that will make you late (including getting breakfast), get a pass first. You will be allowed to get breakfast if you are late, but please check in with your teacher first; and
  • Be ready to go in from recess when the bell rings.